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TRI training, week 3 – done

TRI training, week 3 – done

This week included time out of town and being a tad under the weather.


Monday held a run outside in mid-afternoon Alabama heat and humidity followed by an indoor swim in a saltwater pool. I woke up that morning exhausted and had some tummy discomfort. It’s a tough day when you wake up tired. I usually set my alarm clock based on sleep cycles but didn’t today. Does anyone else do that? That may have played a small role but I felt generally run-down all day. Anywho, about a third of the run was on a gravel trail through the woods. I loved the shade and paid extra attention to my footing. No ankle rolls, yahoo! I downed quite a bit of water before and after the run but the heat was exhausting so I choose stick with the “required” swim distance. I was beat.

Tuesday involved traveling back to Nashville and more generally not feeling well. I took the day off from training. See, I’m learning to listen to my body. I pushed it the day before and that didn’t get me anywhere except on the couch.

About 1:30am on Wednesday I awoke, drenched. PJs, hair, sheets, everything. Guess a fever would explain feeling so crummy earlier. I felt drastically better after a few more hours of sleep, just in time to attend my first Masters swim club practice at 6:45am. I really enjoyed it! See my earlier post “Sink or swim, I’m diving in” for more details.

Friday I took a nap after work and did the swim workout on my own in the evening. Apparently Friday is Fin Day at swim club so I gave it a shot. Interesting experience. I’m using Z2 Zoomers when swimming on my own at the Y. I learned what it felt like to point my toes and to kick from my hips. I have a wimpy kick. Seriously, I have to tell my self to kick when I swim. I would pull the whole workout if I could. I have to save my legs for the bike and the run anyway, right? A wimpy kick may not be a bad thing after all, just kidding. Hopefully it will improve. I debated swimming a few months on my own before joining a Masters group but decided that if I went ahead and jumped in now I’d likely be further along in four months than if I had waited four months to join. We’ll see! 🙂

Since I got called in to work for a 24h shift on Saturday I pushed the walk/jog to Sunday evening. It’s finally starting to feel like Fall here, a cool 77 degrees, a welcomed relief compared to the heat during Monday’s workout. It went well. I took it easy and felt I could have gone longer. No bike this week due increasing my swim distance. Hopefully I’ll be back to all three next week. Swim. Bike. Run.

Hope everyone had a great week!

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I'm a thirty-something desiring to live a healthier life - physically and spiritually. Join me as I share about those who inspire me, recipes, training tips, lessons about clean eating and life in general. Let's get fit, eat clean, and seek the Lord together.

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  1. Bridgette Robinson

    Good week. Glad you listened to your body this week. That is a triumph in itself 🙂


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