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The Boy, the Kite, and the Wind

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Today the leaves danced. Yellow, orange, and red swirled along the road. It was beautiful. The few times I’ve felt well enough to run and enjoy His creation lately have left me in wonder at its beauty. Yet while the trees and leaves were glowing it was the movement, the dancing of the leaves that caught my attention – the wind. I cannot see wind but I can see the effects of it. It can come in the form of a gentle breeze or rage wildly. It can refresh or level structures. It is mighty and I cannot control it. It makes me think of the Creator and stand in awe.

Yesterday the pain in my neck flared again. Truthfully it has gotten worse over the past three days but I pushed through. At PT we had to work on pain management/alleviation instead of exercising. Through welled eyes I completed the hour. A step back after improving fairly consistently. It was fairly devastating. I asked some friends to pray for my attitude in the midst of the pain and for healing. I was beginning to fear I would never have another pain free day, I’d never be able to train, and that working would always cause me pain. Yes, maybe a bit dramatic but pain can have a crazy affect on a person. This morning I felt only slightly better when I awoke but better nonetheless. My neck is “catching” and is sore but I can function. During a conversation over lunch today my boyfriend told me to “stop and enjoy the redwoods”. Um, what? He said that when driving from Oregon to LA taking the scenic route, the highway takes you through a section of redwoods before the road becomes the PCH and continues down the coast. He said that people have two ways to think about the drive, 1) to wish you were already in LA or 2) to enjoy the redwoods. Okay. Well, at least those people are moving, on a fun journey. “What are my redwoods?” I asked. It was as if this pain was preventing me from enjoying the beautiful creation around me. I had to cancel a walk with friends today because I couldn’t easily turn my neck without it catching. Have you walked with three friends before? Remember we Southerners like to look at each other when we talk. Talk about whiplash! Thankfully, despite my pain, the Lord opened my eyes to seeing Him and thanking Him today. Have you stopped to appreciate God’s creation today, to worship the Creator, and to thank Him for eyes to see it, ears to hear it, hands and feet to touch it?

Check out the video above for the narration of the book The Boy, The Kite, and the Wind by Al Andrews. Al is a counselor here in Nashville (Franklin) who runs a ministry called Porter’s Call for recording artists and their families.

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